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Admission test September 12, 2017 - Results

Admitted candidates can now proceed to enrollment following the instruction published on the Master website (http://cmb.campusnet.unito.it/do/home.pl/View?doc=HowToEnroll.html).

For organization purposes, candidates that have been admitted are kindly requested to indicate as soon as possible their curriculum choice to the Didactic Manager, dott. Elena Mazzi (elena.mazzi@unito.it). Keep in mind that the choice can be modified at any time.

Candidates that have not been admitted and would like to repeat the test on September 29, 2017 should send an email to dott. Elena Mazzi (elena.mazzi@unito.it) no later than September 21.

Type: Seminars
Submitted by: Paola Costelli
Last update: 14/09/2017 11:20
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