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  • All students enrolled in the first years of the Master Degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology must present their experimental thesis project (see below) and start working in the lab within october 31th 2016.

  • Thesis projects must be coherent with the educational objectives of the Master Degree.

  • Experimental work can be developed in laboratories pertaining to University Departments or to public/private institutions that have an agreement with the University of Turin.  

  • Students can choice the project by taking advantage of the proposals published on the Master Degree website (link) or by contacting research groups independently.

  • The experimental activity is under the supervision of a teacher (Supervisor) of the Master Degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology or of another Degree, provided they belong to a scientific sector classified as 'characterizing' or 'related and integrative' in the Master Degree CMB study program.  The Supervisor takes the responsibility of the research activity developed by the student. The role of Supervisor for a teacher of a Degree different from the Master Degree CMB and belonging to a scientific sector not included among those 'characterizing' or 'relative and integrative', or for other professionals, must be submitted for approval to the Didactic Committee of the Master Degree.

The thesis proposal form containing a summary of the thesis project and other information must be sent (e-mail) for approval to the Didactic Commitee within October 15th, 2017. Send proposals to:

Prof. Paola Costelli  (Biomedical)

Prof. Luca Munaron (Biomolecular)

Prof. Silvia De Marchis (Neurobiological)

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