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Class time schedule:

1st Year A.Y. 2017-2018
Curricula Biomedical and Biomolecular  -  S1 Timetable     S2 Timetable New.jpg

Curriculum Neurobiological  -  S1 Timetable    S2 Timetable New.jpg


2nd Year A.Y. 2017-2018

Curriculum Biomedical   -  S1 Timetable     S2 Timetable

Curriculum Biomolecular -  S1 Timetable    S2 Timetable

Curriculum Neurobiological  -  S1 Timetable    S2 Timetable

 In order to encourage the exercise of the right to vote for all the students, the Rector ordered the suspension of the teaching activity from 3rd to 5th March. The lessons will start the 6th of March.

   Lessons  Exams
first semester

from October 2nd 2017
to January 19th 2018

from January 22th 2018
to March 2nd 2018

second semester

from March 5th 2018
to June 19th 2018
from June 18th 2018
to July 31th 2018
    form 3rd to 21th September 2018
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