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Research thesis
Engineering of Fluorescent Biosensor for Drug Screening
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Laboratory of Chemical Biology, Italian Institute for Genomic Medicine – SP142 Km 3.95, Candiolo Torino
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The identification of novel pharmacological inhibitors for the therapeutic treatment of diseases currently considered incurable requires the development of new technologies. These tools must be designed to be compatible with automated platforms in order to increase screening capabilities and thus accelerating the identification of novel drug candidates.

Starting from a review of the literature on the most relevant biosensors in the biomedical field, the candidate will:

- design novel genetically-encoded biosensors,

- optimize biosensor fluorescence parameters (e.g., fluorescence spectrum, quantum yield),

- validate biosensors in the context of FACS-based functional screening;

We are looking for highly motivated and talented young scientists. The ideal candidate should have a degree in Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Experimental Biophysics, or a related field. The candidate must have experience in at least one of the following disciplines: i) fluorescent microscopy and cytofluorimetry ii) molecular biology and biochemistry, ii) molecular modelling and bioinformatics. The successful candidate will be trained in protein engineering techniques, functional genetic screens.


Carlo Cosimo
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