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NICO-Webinar: "Anxiety-like behavior regulated by non-cell autonomous transcription factor activity" 02/02/2024 @ 2.00 PM

Published: Tuesday, January 30, 2024 by Giovanna Gambarotta


Friday 02/02/24 h. 2:00 pm - Webinar
Ariel Di Nardo, CNRS Research Scientist and Co-director, Development & Neuropharmacology Team, CIRB, Collège de France, Paris
Anxiety-like behavior regulated by non-cell autonomous transcription factor activity

Our laboratory investigates the role of non-cell autonomous homeoprotein transcription factors in regulating cerebral cortex physiology. We discovered that OTX2 homeoprotein is expressed in the choroid plexus, secreted into cerebrospinal fluid, and transferred into parvalbumin (PV)-expressing interneurons in mice. OTX2 participates in PV cell maturation and regulates the timing of plasticity critical periods throughout the brain. These juvenile periods allow for remodeling of circuitry in response to the environmental and genetic contexts, and are associated with disease outcomes. Although our initial OTX2 studies were primarily focused on mouse visual system critical periods, we have also investigated higher order circuits involved in anxiety-like behavior shaped by early-life stress. Our recent findings revealed OTX2 target genes in cortical PV cells with epigenetic outcomes and showed that choroid plexus OTX2 affects animal behavior.
Host: Serena Stanga | webex link

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